Analog to Digital with Roaring Spring Whitelines Notepads

As much as I love my digital tools, there are times when I need to set them aside and use pencil, pen and paper. It was about a year and half ago that I started to use pencil and paper, which resulted in me going down a real creative path and producing a wild number of info-graphics using the Wacom Bamboo Slate. Using the Wacom Bamboo Slateand Bamboo Paper on my iPad I was able to create a work flow that let my creative forces thrive. There are those times when I need to step away from my digital tools and remember what it is like to hold a pencil or pen to paper without the distraction of the computer.

So now when I need to reflect on my projects or ideas, I just sit down with pen and paper and begin to draw or write down my ideas. Using pen and paper has freed me to release my creative energies! But what could be better than to marry the analog with the digital when I need to file these ideas? This is where the Roaring Spring Whitelines notebooks come in. The Roaring Spring Whitelines notebooks come in various sizes but are distinctive in that they have a grey background with four unique icons in each of the corners of the paper. At the bottom of the page you will also

find three icons for Email, Evernote, and Dropbox that you can tick, which when used with the Whitelines app (for IOS & Android) can quickly file and transfer your notes to the respective service. Once your files have been transferred you will also note that the grey background lines or grids are gone an all of your work is highly visible on your device. Marrying the analog with the digital just got a whole lot easier using Roaring Spring Whitelines notebooks. Give them a try and let me know what you think!

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