Co-Teaching & Technology- Enhancing Communication & Collaboration

I am happy to share that Co-Teaching & Technology-Enhancing Communication & Collaboration (a laminated guide) by Marilyn Friend and I will be released shortly and is packed with practical suggestions on how you can get the most out co-teaching and technology.

With the expansion of co-teaching as a means to improve student outcomes, technology

can be an invaluable resource.  Co-teachers need to plan collaboratively, jointly implement lesson plans, and cooperatively assess student progress.  This reference guide provides practical  strategies on how technology can facilitate co-planning, expedite sharing of student data, and streamline many other tasks that ultimately assist in accomplishing co-teaching’s goal: improved student outcomes. Whatever your preferred computer platform, co-teachers can apply these strategies and applications to accommodate all learners’ needs.

Written by the nation’s foremost authority on co-teaching, Marilyn Friend, and Brian Friedlander, an expert in the use of instructional and assistive technologies, this resource provides the essential tools to significantly enhance co-teaching practice.

Please contact me if you are interested in ordering this laminated guide which is packed with great ideas and strategies. Individual guides are $12.95 and volume discount pricing is available. School purchase orders are accepted. Get your copies today!

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