Creating Infographics with Wacom Bamboo Slate & Bamboo Paper

If you have been following me on Twitter (@assistivetek) or Instagram (@assistivetek) you will have noticed that I have been creating infographics on a number of different educational hardware and software. Some of you have emailed me and asked me how I am creating these infographics, which I would like to share with you. About 6 months ago, I was sent by WACOM a Bamboo Slate (A4) to review, which opened the door to my flight of infographic ideas. The WACOM Bamboo Slate is a hardware device that captures everything you write on a paper pad with a a ballpoint pen that comes with the device. Once you get your ideas down you sync the device over Bluetooth to your IOS or Android device to Inkspace, the WACOM tablet app. Once your ideas and drawings are in Inkspace


you can then export your drawings to a variety of different formats for further editing.The  WACOM Bamboo Slate marries the best, of being able to use pen and paper for creation and then store and manipulate the drawings using digital tools.

Using ScreenBeam Infographic

While not an artist, I have always enjoyed doodling with pen and paper and using the WACOM Bamboo Slate really felt comfortable for me to create my infographics. As part of my process for creating my infographics, I typically use a Uni Kuru Toga mechanical pencil to rough out the images and text on the paper. Once I am happy with the results, I bring out the WACOM ballpoint pen and begin to trace over the pencil renderings which ensures that the drawings come out just right. Once the drawing is complete, I sync the image from the WACOM Bamboo Slate to my iPad using the Inkspace app. Once the drawing is in Inkspace, I then export it using the WILL format (Wacom Ink Layer Language) to Bamboo Paper. Using the various painting tools in Bamboo Paper and the WACOM Bamboo Fineline stylus- which works effortlessly with Bamboo Paper gives me the drawing control that I need to complete the infographic. Once I have completed the infographic I can quickly export the drawing out of Bamboo Paper directly into Twitter.

I would be interested in learning what type of infographics you would like to see and if you are creating some yourself how are you creating your infographics?

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