The target of the Federal government by 2021 is to welcome over a Million Immigrants

The significant roles of an early childhood educator are, providing care to children to ensure their well-being, helping in developing their intellectual, physical and emotional growth. They might also be required to create and implement childcare programs, planning and maintaining a healthy and secure environment and play a leading role in activities for children between the age of infancy and 12 years. There is also a basic minimum retirement allowance, whereby the teachers receive a pension in retirement and particular disability. The Canadian government provides the survivor’s benefits through the Canadian pension plan, and this is applied for once you have achieved citizenship.

Ways to immigrate

Federal skilled worker (FSW) is the recommended program for such an entry. The program is based on credentials and considers things such as the language ability of the applicant, education, work experience age and other skills you could bring to the workforce. This entry program is usually managed by the Express entry system. This system is one of the fastest ways you can achieve access to permanent residence in Canada and it has a processing period of only six months. The process is simple and less hustle involved.

For you to apply for this program, you will have to create an online profile through the express entry system. The profile on the express entry system is measured according to the comprehensive ranking system (CRS) which is usually a set of detailed criteria below

The candidates are then entered in the express entry pool from where the profiles with the highest scores are selected and this process is done after every two weeks. The selected applicants are given a chance to apply (ITA) for permanent residence in Canada. You are therefore provided with the best opportunity to make your dream of working and living in Canada come true.