Student Travel Guide to Canada – Learn a Language and have Fun

Canada is without a doubt one of the best destinations in the world when it comes to student travel. And for all students taking an English course in Canada, it usually doesn’t take long to realize that they are really very special.

Travelling in Canada

The first thing you notice when you come to Canada is how big it is. Fortunately, from the point of view of the traveller who has to see as much as possible before the end of his journey, the transport system is good and the movements are largely fairly simple.

There is only one wise option in the entire country: flying. But for almost every other journey you have a choice of bus and train options. The first is cheaper, more common and the best option for city-to-city travel, but Canada’s train travel – especially the famous Toronto-Vancouver cross-country trail – is one of the most breathtaking travel experiences. that is.

Dynamic Canadian cities

One of the main reasons for coming to Canada – for a language course or whatever – is that it is not a vibrant city. There are of course Montreal and Toronto, both modern, bustling metropolises with many sights and attractions.

Then, of course, there is the often neglected capital of Ottawa, not to mention Calgary and a number of smaller cities such as Victoria and Canmore. Each of them has something slightly different to offer to tourists and students taking an English course in Canada.

But none of these is undoubtedly a patch on Vancouver. Because when it comes to a colourful, relaxed city with a trendy, bohemian scene that extends to nightlife, shopping and everything that is artistic and cultural, Vancouver is probably the only one.

Canada is great outside

But travelling to Canada just wouldn’t travel to Canada if it doesn’t mean a little “off-road”! Whether hiking, climbing or skiing in the winter, Canada is a retreat for lovers of the great outdoors.

Looking at a map of Canada, it might seem as soon as cities end, the national park begins. There are no fewer than 42 national parks, one of which – Wood Buffalo National Park – is about twice as large as Wales!

And that really sets the country apart from the position of a student traveller taking an English course in Canada: it is covered with wilderness that is absolutely huge, almost intact.

Having the opportunity to spend time surrounded by a seemingly endless series of breathtaking views of mountains, rivers and forests may not seem like a privilege, a single honour.

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